A story to help children cope with the loss of a loved one

By Hilde Schuurmans
I WANT TO BE WITH YOU is a story about the gaping feeling of absence when someone dear to you dies. The book opens up a range of entry points to make the topic of death more approachable. Recognition, a feeling of being understood, a way of expressing a feeling or a thought, can mean so much during a mourning process – even many years later. This story offers solace, hope and an opportunity to give the deceased loved one a place in the child’s heart, enabling him to move one, and to fully participate in life. A life different than before, but no less meaningful.

Description book

Pipa had a brother. He was her best friend. She enjoyed playing with Bro in the forest and the green pastures. But Bro is no more. He ate those berries, juicy and red, but poisonous, so now he’s dead. Ever since, mummy turned into an ice cony. And daddy is scared as a rabbit. Nothing is now as it was beforeā€¦
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